Alderfen Marshes - Conservation on the Norfolk Broads

An ecologically and economically sustainable approach to conservation ensures nothing is wasted, with all by-products put to good use. 

Alderfen Marshes is a private conservation area on the Norfolk Broads providing a sanctuary for wildlife, including many local rarities. The marshes provide a tranquil setting, using traditional tools meaning our conservation work harks back to a time when people and nature worked in harmony to mutual benefit. 

Alderfen Marshes

Regenerative Conservation

Our regenerative approach to conservation means that all by-products are a valuable resource, treated as a harvest rather than a waste.

Conservation composting, utilising the energy from the marsh cuttings creates a rich organic compost to be used for food production, completing the regenerative cycle.

A selection of naturally growing plants are sustainably collected for wild-harvest, producing a range of delicious wild tea infusions as well as ales brewed from our wild hops.

“Our approach to economically and ecologically sustainable land management is underpinned by reciprocal relationships between individuals as well as our place within the ecosystem. It moves away from competition, individualism, expansion and profit towards collaboration, community, environment and way of life”.