Alderfen Marshes

Nature, Wildlife & Wellbeing

Nature, Wildlife and Wellbeing

Alderfen Marshes Conservation Area on the Norfolk Broads

Alderfen Marshes is a private conservation area on the Norfolk Broads in which to find a little solitude and experience close encounters with wildlife, including many local rarities.  Our sustainable approach to conservation follows permaculture principles through which nothing is wasted, with all by-products put to good use.

The marshes provide a tranquil setting to get away from it all with low-impact wild wild camping and a great base for exploring some of the most remote backwaters of the Norfolk Broads in Canadian canoes. A short paddle by canoe takes you to the wilderness of Surlingham Broad and onto the river Yare.

A selection of the naturally growing plants are sustainably harvested to produce a range of delicious wild tea including water-mint, fen-nettle, elderflower, dandelion and meadowsweet. 

Private, secluded areas offer ideal spots for wild camping, with the chance to get up-close to nature, from the delightful dawn chorus to the spectacular sunsets over the marshes.

Contact with nature is linked to improved physical health, mental health and emotional well-being

Conservation camping offers private, secluded camping with the opportunity to learn about and experience conservation activities on Alderfen Marshes.

Great for wildlife enthusiasts who want to get close to nature, support the environment and wake up among the sights and sounds of this unique wetland habitat on the Norfolk Broads

Seasonal cutting and clearing is an important part of managing a healthy and diverse environment. Our ‘wild harvest’ approach utilises many of the plants during this process. 

Water-mint, fen nettle, elderflower, dandelion and meadowsweet are harvested and dried to make a sustainable selection of delicious and refreshing wild teas. A little taste of nature.

Alderfen Marshes makes the perfect off-grid get-away for learning and experiencing a range of rural craft skills using the natural resources from the marshes.

Carve a unique and natural spoon from coppiced willow, alder and silver birch wood. 
Make your own charcoal, utilising our sustainably sourced wood, a char kiln and charcoal retort.   

The marshland  environment supports prolific plant growth in the summer months.  As well as providing varied habitat these plants are a great CO2 sponge. 

Capturing and locking up this carbon as biochar is an important part of our conservation approach on Alderfen Marshes. The seasonal clearance maintains a healthy habitat and the biochar has many beneficial uses.