Artisan Teas

Wild tea: grown naturally on the Norfolk Broads

A selection of wild teas grown naturally on Alderfen Marshes

No additives, just the plant as nature intended

Artisan tea - Picked and packed by hand

Caffeine free

Alderfen Marshes wild teas are hand picked during conservation work.  The ethos of our wild harvest is simple – ‘harvest enough, leave plenty’.  This ensures that our wild tea is produced sustainably, in harmony with the natural ecosystem of the marshes.

Wild Water-Mint

Water Mint

Combines the leaf, stem and flower to give a wonderfully subtle and balanced mint infusion.

A refreshing pick-me-up at any time of day

Fresh young leaves, selected  and cut in early Spring, create a deliciously rich and earthy infusion.

A naturally rich boost to kick-start the day

Using only the dandelion flower petals provides a delicately sweet aroma and gentle honey-like infusion. 

A delightfully floral moment  to brighten the day


All parts of the flower, in full bloom, combine to deliver a delightfully aromatic and stimulating  infusion.

An indulgant and wholly natural sweet-treat 

Available as:
Eco-friendly teabags



Utilises the individual flowers to produce the distinctly soothing, clean and clear infusion. 

A relaxing way to round-off a busy day 

Available as:
Eco-friendly teabags