Conservation Compost

Re-positioning compost from 'waste by-product' to a 'sustainable nutrient harvest'

Our ethos of ‘nothing goes to waste’ holds true with our conservation composting strategy.

One of the challenges of enhancing biodivesity in a wetland habitat is removing excess nutrients which can build up over time.  Cutting, raking and removing nutrient-rich growth is a tried and tested conservation strategy. The resulting ‘arisings’ are generally viewed as a waste product, but managed correctly we treat them as a valuable annual nutrient harvest which can be put to good use elsewhere.

By categorising the cuts into ‘nitrogen rich’ and ‘carbon rich’ arisings we have formulated different recipes to create useful mulches and composts. Adding home-produced biochar enriches the compost to create nutrient-rich growing mediums, beneficial for fruit and vegetable production.