WilD Hops

Wild hop (Humulus lupulus) is a climber that thrives on the marshes.  It creates a dense habitat, climbing from the water margins, through the reeds and into the willow and alder trees, providing nectar for insects and creating a perfect refuge for small birds. 

As an added bonus this picturesque plant has boozy benefits too, so we’re very happy to welcome Humpty Dumpty Brewery and Tindall Ales Brewery to work their magic with Alderfen Marshes hops each September.

Hop Harvest Gold

‘Hop Harvest Gold is a pale golden brewed with a variety of hops including fresh local hops from Alderfen Marshes by the River Yare’

Hedgerow, Wild Hopped

‘Brewed once a year with local wild hops foraged by beer loving volunteers to create a unique tasting beer which is different every year’